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Magic Of The Development Continuum In Digital Marketing

By Aditya Rajotia

This article on Development Continuum in Digital Markeeting is one of the best article in Digital Marketing that i have read in a very  long time.The Author Aditya Rajotia has penned down an article which emphasises how our competence and commitment changes as we try to learn something new or pursue a goal or skill.His explanation of the four stage model and example of learning to ride a bicycle is excellent.he  eplains clearly the various level of competence and commitment we have in every stage and also goes on to explain the level of direction and support in each development level.The author goes on to explain the development levels with an example of when joining a new job in a new company.Further he explains the Development Continuum levels with example of Digital Marketing and talks abut the reverse movement from stage three to two and how we can comeback.

To conclude the Development Continuum in Digital Marketing  helps to track your growth, find the loopholes and tells you how to fill the gaps based on the development levels and makes you ready to rock the Digital World. Please go through the full article in the link given below , it gave me a new direction in my quest to learn digital Marketing .

Magic Of The Development Continuum In Digital Marketing


Drona Edu By Rizwan Ahmed

Drona Edu is the e learning platform of Zavetech Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd.  they are one of the Pioneers in south india to bring about affordable and quality education to the students of the country.

They are creating a silent revolution in the field of education in south india Their speciality is that they are bringing this quality education at affordable price in regional languages.They have understood the pain of students who have the loss of studies  and closure of schools  due the pandemic .Their fees structure is quite good considering the skyrocketing of fees all over the country and they cater to Karnataka state board , other state boards and also to CBSE students.They have live classes which are taken by Highly Qualified Teachers and have premium content.

Another intersting concept from Drona Edu is that they are calling for youth , infuencers ,Teachers and anyone who wants to earn some extra money by becoming IBC’S or Drona Retailers.The Reason to join Drona Retailers is to get the satisfaction of doing good to society and students. Read their complete article below on Drona Edu .

The Revolution Called Drona Edu.


How To write Great content for Food and Travel in Himachal Pradesh By Nikhil Sharma

One Trip Himachal a blog by Nikhil Sharma is about the food and list of places to visit in Himachal Pradesh .He has also wirtten about the hidden gems , the scenic beauty , culture and food in himachal pradesh.This blog is about the food ,the pahadi cuisine,food festivals and encourages you to take a food tour of the restaurants in Himachal Pradesh.For more details do read the blog in link below.

Food and Travel in Himachal Pradesh By Nikhil Sharma


Digital Marketing Tools By Sunil K

if you want to know about Digital Marketing tools Read the Weekly Blog on Digital Marketing Tools Given Below.

Digital Marketing Tools

Precious Tips to get you better at Digital Marketing by Aditi Uttekar

This Blog  gives you valuable tips on Digital also talks about the fundamentals of Digital Marketing  ,the difference between traditional and Digital Marketing , the CATT Marketing Funnel , integrated Digital Marketing and about Personal Branding.Read the full blog in the link below

Precious Tips to get you better at Digital Marketing 

Differences between Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing By Anindya Saha

Please go through this well written blog describing the Differences between Traditonal Marketing and Digital Marketing

Differences between Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing

Top 10 Best Affiliate Marketing Companies and Programs by Rahul Sharma


A blog about what Affliate Marketing is , how it works , how to start , how to attract traffic ,how to build backlinks to your affliate site, which affliate products to sell , top affliate marketing websites and Programs.Do read the blog for more details.

Top 10 Best Affiliate Marketing Companies and Programs 


Digital Marketing Strategies for Fashion Brands By Areeba

A Blog about  Digital Marketing Strategies for Fashion Industry Brands and it goes on to explain about the role of Digital Marketing in Fashion Business.Do read the whole blog to get a clearer picture.

Digital Marketing Strategies for Fashion Brands
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